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KTORET 511 Black Tie Cologne

KTORET 511 Black Tie Cologne

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Black Tie is that moment of excitement when your phone buzzes to show you that “almost ready” text. You smooth over your suit in the limousine, before checking the time once more and getting that hint of fragrances as you pull back the cuff. If only you could have seen her face earlier today when she stumbled upon the designer shopping bags. You picked out the perfect outfit for her: long satin black dress, red-bottomed heels, and diamond earrings. You wanted to be cheeky, so all you wrote on the note was: dress up sexy and be ready at 8.

A fragrance for that special date night. Opening notes of bergamot, Guatemalan cardamom, and pink pepper will entice any lover as mid notes of wild sage, french lavender, and elemi show off a softer side. Base notes of vetiver, Indonesian patchouli, and cedarwood confidently carry the fragrance all night.

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