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Anybody Can Learn to Recognize God's Voice

Anybody Can Learn to Recognize God's Voice

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Author - Dr. Linda P Chinn

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The Purpose of This Devotional is to

1) inspire the desire to read the Bible (because it will help develop your relationship with Him and by developing your relationship with Him, you’ll learn to discern His voice, His ways and His words to you);

2) inspire the desire to live the Bible (because living this thing means you’re walking in obedience to Him!) and

3) to serve as a reminder that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof and everything in it. Because of THAT, God is able to speak to us daily, moment by moment, at ANY given time, through and in anything and everything. For us as believers, nothing should be wasted.

Let life’s situations, circumstances, songs, billboards, commercials, slips, falls, stumbles, bumbles, mistakes, triumphs, anecdotes and so-called failures speak to your heart.


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