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On The Rocks by Salute with Champagna Scent

On The Rocks by Salute with Champagna Scent

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Saluté’s Champagna scent is a blend of evergreen and sweet nectar, fresh and outdoorsy.

On the Rocks scented, Himalayan salt crystals – becomes a frosted tidbit dish. Non-toxic, earth friendly, generously sized, scented Himalayan salt crystals come with a sand-etched, dishwasher safe, glass tidbit bowl to collect and reuse for cocktail garnishes, or nuts and snacks. No flame, no mess, just the intoxicating scents of Saluté. Refresher oil included.

Refills sold separately. All our earth-friendly products have recyclable packaging. A portion of profits supports conservation initiatives; the current recipient is the Nature Conservancy. Made in USA.

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