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West Loop 3.4 fl oz

West Loop 3.4 fl oz

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The Feeling: You and your date sit at a small round table illuminated by candlelight, enjoying old fashioneds and each other’s company. Her laughter and smile are contagious, leaving you feeling breathless and warm. On a small stage with velvet curtains, a four-piece band plays smooth jazz  – the perfect accompaniment to falling in love.

The Fragrance: Opening notes of almond blossom, toasted cinnamon, and vanilla orchid deepen into mid notes of myrrh, lavender, and tobacco leaf before drying into sweet, warm base notes of patchouli, amberwood, and tonka bean.

Top Notes: Almond Blossom, Toasted Cinnamon, Vanilla Orchid Mid Notes: Myrrh Absolute, French Lavender, Tobacco Leaf Base Notes: Patchouli Indonesia, Warm Amber Wood, Tonka Bean

Size: 3.4 fl oz


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